With more and more aggressive spam attacks, and the ever-present need to submit some sort of personal data to just about any website you visit, protecting your contact information is more crucial than ever. We expect this need will only grow larger, too. It’s a small step from a clean, safe email, to a mess of an inbox. A step most would rather not take. So what can we actually do to protect email addresses and phone numbers from the less than noble (and often automated) dwellers of the Internet? And, at the same time, how can we still give our clients and friends a chance to get in touch as easily as possible?

Protect email referencing image shows a mailbox with a "private" sign

Image courtesy Dayne Topkin

The bad news is – there is no one definitive way to do it, to protect email address or phone number using just one method. The good news? There are plenty of means to choose from that you, personally, may find to be most convenient. So don’t despair and keep on reading!
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